Process unit

Alcohol also referred to as ethanol or ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent for many substances and used as a base for production of food by-products and alcoholic beverages it has applications in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and is also used as a transport fuel additive.

CDA Alcohol unit.
By fermentation using yeast, alcohol is obtained from Starch. In additional process steps it is refined and concentrated to obtain the highest and purest possible quality. This unit can also use other agricultural materials that contain sugar, starch or cellulose.

Alcohol know-how and technology
CDA with international partners has introduced many ground-breaking improvements in alcohol plant design and offers first class, worldwide proven technology for every stage of alcohol production from raw material preparation and fermentation through to subsequent separation by distillation/rectification and dehydration as well as by-product treatment and auxiliary installations. We design complete greenfield installations and we assist/engineer to upgrade or overhaul/restore your existing plant to increase capacity, improve yield and/or product quality and save raw material, energy and water.


  • Highly specialized custom turnkey solutions.
  • Skilled system integration and cohesion of production units.
  • Cost-effective, smooth process flows and energy saving features throughout the plant.
  • Surplus energy adds to power export generated from CHP.
  • Experienced process provider for EPC project execution.

Product Range
The end use is determined widely as ethanol quality grades differ in purity and concentration:

At present CDA supports only the production of Neutral Alcohol

You may also Check  production of Bioethanol