Connecting Farming Communities
To Cassava And Advanced
Starch Processing Technologies

Improving Livelihoods | Saving the Planet

What we do

CDA provides turnkey solutions of starch based plant, machinery and services to clients requiring long-range business planning, technical-economic evaluations for commercial development of cassava-based starch to sugar and alcohol manufacturing units. We guide the Cassava farming process, evaluate projects and provide state of the art engineering services, financial guidance in monitoring design, procurement, construction and start-up. Our association continues well beyond construction and supply, as we will be there with you throughout your growth and settlement periods.

Why we do it

Because We Care About Our Planet and Our Farming Communities.The global sugar industry is having a significant impact on the health of the environment and the viability of its farming industry. By connecting the sugar farming community to Cassava and Advanced Starch Processing Technologies, these communities can generate more reliable and diversified income leading to greatly improved livelihoods and, a healthier and happier environment to live in.

Who are we

CDA is the Cassava Development Authority, a joint venture between Dewan International Limited (DIL) and LARSSON™. LARSSON™, wholly owned family company founded in Sweden in 1948. It has become a global leader in the manufacturer of process equipment for the starch industry. DIL is a group subsidiary of Dewan Group. The DEWAN Group is primarily owned by the Dewan family of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, established in 1968 becoming a market leader in the construction of Indian townships, recreational and commercial complexes, and overseas development projects. They have come together to take India and the subcontinent to the path of sustained self-sufficiency in Cassava and its by-products with minimal damage to the environment and maximum benefit to the farmers.


Extraction of Starch from CASSAVA


Food and by-products of CASSAVA


Production stages of CASSAVA products.


Cultivation and yields of