CDA supports you every step of the way

CDA develops the process engineering and documentation for the implementation of your plant in two stages, Basic being PART 1 and Detailed being PART 2. Based on the conceptual design and validation of design data, all relevant documents for the realization of the plant are issued:


  • Flow Charts
  • Mass balances
  • Process explanation
  • Emission point list
  • Terminal point record
  • Operating handbook
  • Methods of assessment
  • Equipment specifications and schedules
  • Specifications and execution standards for instrumentation, automation, electrical, hydraulics, equipment and pipework
  • Layout and foundation plans for entire Plant and each installed machine
  • Installation and acceptance standards


  • Piping Design : Detailed piping design is carried out in accordance with the relevant European or US standards.
  • Tanks & Vessels : Complete design of tanks and vessels whether pre-made or built at site.
  • Mechanization : Design of instrumentation, control and automation systems includes the detailed specification of Field instruments and control valves, Process control systems (PCS), Control cabinets along with Programming of applied software.
  • Process Assimilation : Technical Services for the system integration of third party processes of CDA suppliers and Partners are carried out during the inquiry, procurement and execution phases of the project namely : Plant & Equipment specifications / Approvals and inspections / Synchronize erection, commissioning, Opening and maintenance.