Indirect Air Heater with Focus on Energy Savings

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LARSSON Indirect Air Heater

CDA brings you the LARSSON™ indirect air heater which is designed for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries – Non-contaminated, hygienic air. The heater is completely made from stainless steel alloys, without refractory lining, for low response time in thermal cycling. The high efficiency of the LARSSON™ indirect air heater results in low pressure drop, energy saving and fast payback.

Since 2012 LARSSON has acquired the technology of Sahene Engineering APS. Sahene was founded by Mr. Henning Rasmussen in 1981 and is a leading specialist in drying technologies and their product basket consists of:

  • Whirl Flash Dryers
  • Spray Dryers
  • HID Air Distributers for Spray Dryers
  • Indirect Air Heaters