HID™ Technology Gentle Drying-High Efficiency

Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

CDA brings you the Spray Dryer .Gain competitive advantages in spray drying with an HID™ Air Distributor (High Intensity Drying technology).

  • Up to 20% higher capacity compared to a conventional air distributor.
  • The multi-stage HID™ Air Distributor is more efficient – energy consumption can be reduced with up to 10 %.
  • The different inlet air temperatures and air flow velocities in the HID™ Air Distributor can be controlled and optimised during operation.
  • More gentle drying of the powder particles – suitable for sensitive products.
  • Can be retrofitted into existing spray dryers.

In spray drying, CDA can supply the whole product range from a single HID™ Air Distributor to complete high efficient turnkey spray drying plants.

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